The money bit

At Letsrent we like to be as flexible as we can with our student accommodation in Northampton.  We give our students options as to what they do and don't want to pay for, as far as we reasonably can, and we listen when they tell us what suits them in terms of payment methods and schedule.


On signing the contract students are required to pay a deposit currently set at £250*.  This is protected with (link on the Legal stuff tab) and a copy of the deposit certificate and details of the scheme are sent to the students.  Letsrent will go through an inventory with each student when they move in; it is very important that the time is taken to fill this in carefully and photos are taken of the condition of the house at this time. We don't charge students extra for this.  A short while before the end of your contract Letsrent will contact each household reminding the students how to get their full deposit returned to them. More than 80% of our tenants look after their properties and get ALL THEIR DEPOSIT BACK!


* Students who cannot provide a guarantor pay £500 deposit.

Rent inclusive of gas, electricity and water

For the academic year 2021/22 rent has been set at £95-105 per 52 week year per student for an all inclusive rate.  The higher rates are charged for large rooms, those that include en-suite showers and wifi etc.  A reduced rate is payable during the summer holidays, students may upgrade to full rates during that time if they wish to stay at the property. 


* Please note there is a fair usage policy for all inclusive rates set at £500 per student per academic year.  Bills in excess of this amount will result in the household being charged the excess between them.  Should quarterly bills show that this is likely to occur the students will be advised in advance if at all possible.  Our houses are all double glazed with gas central heating. Energy performance certificates are available to view at each property and all meet or exceed the minimum 'E' rating required by legislation.


Our student houses in Northampton, along with their fixtures and fittings are insured by Letsrent but YOUR CONTENTS IS NOT! Please ensure that you take advice about insuring your personal belongings.  

In most instances, where possible, we have taken out insurance to cover the central heating systems and in some cases plumbing and drainiage to enure that if anything isn't working a British Gas engineer will be on call.